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All I have been seeing lately is posts on social media, adverts in local newspapers advertising 4k ultra hd tv’s. So what is 4k ultra hd?

How much better is this going to be than our current 1080p hd tv? Are we just being sold a technology that will become obsolete by the time we all get our heads around? Let us review it and give our thoughts on it.

Is 4k Television here to stay?

Much like hd vs blu ray, the moment we got our heads around these rival dvd technologies, sony opted to install blu ray technology within all new playstation’s and pretty much blew hd out of the water, the hd movie saga was almost turned over to an old unused technology over night.

So can we trust that 4k will be here to stay and that my investing in a 4k television that we are going to actually see the wondrous promising benefits of this new raging technology?