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I was very interested in purchasing a 4k 55 inch TV. When I was looking to buy a tv recently i admit i had to do my research. I was totally out of touch with new tv technology and soon realised that it was time to renew or perhaps update my television knowledge.

So … Where would i being my thirst for TV knowledge?

Google was of course the answer!

The first thing i wanted to know was that i would be purchasing the latest technology and not old technology. So my search began at popular retail outlets such as john lewis where i would quickly learn of the latest tv technologies as well as price brackets i could expect to pay.

So… Are 4k 55 inch TV’s now the future!

Yes! After discovering this fabulous tv technology i soon become engrossed and had my heart set on the fact that I would have the phenomenal picture quality in my living room. Wow!

Which 4k 55 inch tv manufacturer is the best, Sony, Samsung, Phillips.

That’s right! It was now time to select the 4k 55 inch TV brand and this was a very hard decision. Since my last purchase of a 46″ Samsung tv back in 2010 (Some 6 years ago), I wanted to see how the price war and ratings had changed.

To be fair, Sony Tv’s always seems to be a little more pricer than it’s competitors, However, It is also fair to point out how incredibly impressive Sony Tv’s actually display.

The same pricing Tv warfare appeared to have continued with many brands coming in for the same screen size & same technological capabilities apart from Sony being as expected, a little more expensive.

I was not about to throw the idea of buying a sony 4k tv out of the window, ohh no, far from it, but i had been happy with my Samsung 46″ tv for 6 years. I am a firm believer in “if it is not broken then do not fix it”, Samsung is where my 4k tv journey started but i was also prepared to open my mind to other 4k tv’s.

Buying a 4k 55 inch TV by screen size vs price.

So it was ultimately down to the size of the 4k 55 inch TV. What size would i get for my budget?

This was most definitely the hardest task out of everything so far. It seemed to play off each other, so let me explain further and it is probably best to begin with my budget for my new 4k television.

I budgeted my new 4k tv at around £800, For this kind of money I could have purchased a wide range of tv’s with all sorts of new and older technology. Did I need HD? Did I need 3d technology? Did i want a 55inch 4k tv? Did i want to sacrifice picture quality slightly to enhance the gaming capabilities?

Wow, so many questions i was asking myself when i was searching the various online 4k 55 inch TV shopping websites. It can be overwhelming when trying to decide on your tv so here is a list a provided that enabled me to make a definitive decision.

  1. Do I require HD?
  2. Do I require 3D technology?
  3. Instead o what size screen do I want, the question become what is the minimum screen size i am prepared to purchase.
  4. What features or uses will the Tv mainly be purchased for?
  5. What is my maximum budget?
  6. Which brand do i prefer?
  7. How do i feel about a curved tv?
  8. Is in built tv sound quality important to me or will I connect to a multi media sound system.
  9. Does my tv need to link up to my smart phone?
  10. Will my 4k tv be used for gaming?

These are my top 12 questions that i had to ask myself when shopping for a 4k tv.

So, after all the nights searching for a tv, understanding the technology, screen size options, 3d, hd and curved tv options, what did I opt for?

As i mentioned previously, my experience with Samsung Tv’s over the years had been very good and from the very start the budget of £800 looked like it could more than provide me with the tv that i wanted to buy.

I wanted at least a 50 – 55 inch 4k tv, My partner and I were not fussed about 3d technology in the slightest, my partner had a samsung smartphone so we knew we would be able to use the All Share feature that Samsung offers within its smartphone app.

I do a little bit of PS4 gaming from time to time so a great colour ration was pretty important to me and i am a fan of sports so this was a bit of a double edged sword. We sacrificed the 3d technology to allow us to purchase one of the newer model samsung frames. And we were not bothered at all by the curved 4k curved tv, In fact, we viewed a 4k curved tv in a retail outlet store and both felt let down.

We opted to purchase the Samsung

Here are 12 4k 55 inch Tv that you might want to consider: